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Events for families in Pilsen: winter 2022


Advent at the J. K. Tyl Theatre

The time surrounding Christmas is made for less-than-ordinary experiences. Take a trip to the J.K. Tyl Theatre for a traditional, symbolic performance. For instance, you can attend the romantic, fairy-tale ballet production Louskáček. Thanks to the theatre, this absolute gem of ballet repertoire can be seen from Nov. 19 to Dec. 27. The story of the little girl Klárka, which will play out on Christmas Eve, will first take you to the real world of a rich Christmas holiday celebration, before eventually reaching the land of Klárka’s dreams.


Christmas Market

Every year the city square is once again overtaken by the spirit of Christmas, the scent of mulled wine, old Czech chimney cakes, and gingerbread. Visitors can delight in the hand-made wares and draw inspiration for their own Christmas gifts and decorations. Also, the wooden nativity scene and Baby Jesus post are popular. This year you can diversify your time spent wandering the market by visiting St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which has just enjoyed its first year since its reopening after extensive reconstruction that truly brightened up its interior. This year’s Advent Market will be open to the public from November 23 to December 23.


Live Nativity scene at the Lüftnerka Farmhouse in Pilsen Zoo

A live Nativity scene with farmhouse animals isn’t something you see every day. However, it is if you go to the Pilsen Zoo and Botanical Garden. You can enjoy the scene here on Dec. 17 at 15:00, performed by the Tadeáš Guláš theatre group from the Pilsen-Lhota neighbourhood, at the Lüftnerka Farmhouse. Over the past few years, the farmhouse has literally transformed into the second heart of the zoo, and it’s not only during the Advent season that various interesting events are held here, which you can come enjoy with the entire family.


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