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Events for families in Pilsen: winter 2023


Playable LEGO® exhibition (28 January – 26 February)

Amongst other things, the Co.Con festival in DEPO2015 will feature an exhibition of LEGO® models. Here you’ll see the enormous structure of the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, which just so happens to be the largest LEGO® construction on earth built by a single person. The exhibition will also include a DUPLO maze and pits full of LEGOs for smaller children. You can visit this playable exhibition until 26 February. Tickets can be purchased here.


Pilsen’s traditional Slavic Carnival (“masopust”) (18 February)

You can see the traditional Slavic Carnival and its masks in the city centre on 18 February. All costumed participants will gather at the “U Branky” corner for the event to start at 4 p.m. As in previous years, the procession, live music, and Dionysus (the creative representation of all vices) will make their way to the Radbuza River, where the burned Dionysus is thrown into the water. Thus, all of the vices and contentions that the city dealt with during the previous year are washed away. You can also look forward to this event’s accompanying programme.

Circus Varius on Ice (25 February)

Jugglers, illusionists, gymnasts, acrobats, and, of course, clowns will take centre stage on 25 February at the LOGSPEED Arena in Pilsen. But this won’t be just any ordinary circus, as all of the performers will display their talents while skating on the ice. You’ll see an amazing extravaganza of light, colourful costumes, dizzying stunts, special effects, and the artists’ unrivalled skill. Tickets can be purchased here.

Festival KUK (6-12 March)

The popular, multi-genre Festival KUK in DEPO2015 is designed for children aged 3 and younger, while also providing playful entertainment for toddlers. Here, children can visit motion activities and a concert, where they can freely express themselves as loud as they want and even sing along. Throughout the entire festival, the DEPO2015 will feature a giant interactive playroom full of hidey holes and climbing frames. And the children can then let their imagination run wild on the fun, interactive boards.

The World of Models at Radovanek Leisure Center (11-12 March)

On the second weekend in March, head over to Radovanek Leisure Center for the contest exhibition of RC models. Here you’ll see hundreds of models from all sorts of different categories. Traditional paper models will be present (castles, chateaus, buildings, planes, cars, etc.) as well as plastic models (military tech, civilian vehicles, dioramas, etc.). The exhibition will also feature modelling workshops, where anyone can try their hand at becoming a model maker.

DEPO Street Food Market in March (18 March)

From 10-18h on 18 March, you can take your kids with you to visit the first street food festival of the year at DEPO2015. A wide array of specialty food items made by street food masters from all over the world will be waiting for you here to delight your taste buds with delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, exotic cuisines, and sweet desserts. Both warm and cold juice options will be served alongside the food, as well as homemade soft drinks and other beverages. And a rich accompanying programme has been prepared for all visitors.

Festival of Light BLIK BLIK (24-25 March)

By the end of March, you can attend one of the most spectacular cultural events of contemporary visual arts in the region: the Festival of Light BLIK BLIK. Every year during the festival, various places around Pilsen are brought to life with light, thus offering a truly unique sight to see. The laser mapping, video mapping, and gigantic static projections are sure to delight you and your children as you stroll through the streets of Pilsen.

Visit the Zoo any time of the year

Even in winter, the Pilsen Zoo never sleeps. That means you can come and see the new projects that were completed here this past year. For instance, you can visit the modernised Barbary lion pen, the Albufera wetlands and its flamingos, and the renovated lemur exhibit. New additions are also frequently born at the zoo, the first of which is a baby Girgentana goat. Come and see him any day of the week in February from 9-16:30h, or from 8-19h in March.

Puppet Museum and the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales

You can visit the Puppet Museum in Pilsen all year round. Apart from the traditional exhibition areas, there’s also a room here where children can play with the puppets themselves and learn about the handling techniques. You can then enjoy the exhibit of monsters and fairy-tale creatures from Pilsen and the Pilsen Region at the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales. Here, the mythical Prince Radouš awaits you, as well as water sprites, witches, devils, and other magical beings.


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