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Events for children in Pilsen: summer 2022

Historical Weekend (June 10 - 12)

You can experience what Pilsen most likely looked like during some of its earlier years thanks to the Historical Weekend. Another year of this beloved event offers a multicoloured three-day programme of numerous scenes that will keep you busy. You can look forward to the historical parade, the dance and music performances, the period markets, and the evening fire show. And should you be in the mood to dress like a ghoul or the infamous White Lady, you can attend the traditional evening monster walk.

Interactive exposition The Little Prince (until July 7)

Given its success domestically and abroad, the interactive exhibit The Little Prince by well-known artist Eliška Podzimková, which features augmented reality, is moving to Pilsen’s Papírna cultural centre. The exposition is accompanied by photography captured in Iceland, with the addition of the world-renowned author’s illustrations drawn in the style of the book The Little Prince. Visitors can view the constantly moving Little Prince and fox on the application that is free to download on any smartphone.

Interactive exposition Up into the Sky (until August 31)

The interactive adventure exposition Up into the Sky (Vzhůru do oblak) will take you to the world of myths and fairytales, flying, and even the laws of physics. Together with your children, you’ll set off on a journey from the origins of flight, passing through the inspirations drawn from flying animals and plants, and ending at the ethical questions and ecological consequences of today’s form of flying. You’ll take a look into a natural laboratory, launch a self-made rocket, and even experience what it’s like to have your very own wings.

Sportmanie (August 20 - 28)

Pilsen’s beloved festival of sports, Sportmanie, takes off during the second half of August. Not far from the city centre, located in the Škoda Sport Park, you’ll find a multifunctional sporting arena, where children, adults, and sports lovers can get away for the whole day. Every day of the event boasts dozens of sports areas, where, apart from the traditional sports run by the event’s instructors, you can learn something new in sports such as archery, fencing, or billiards.