Where to Go Swimming

Slovany Swimming Pool

The swimming pool of the City of Pilsen in Slovany offers both outdoor and indoor 50-metre swimming pools, other water attractions such as an 86-m long water slide, a pool for small children, a wild river pool, whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms. From the city centre of Pilsen, you can reach the area within 10 minutes using public transport (Tram No. 2, direction to Světovar) or by car which you can park in the premises of the swimming pool for free.

  • All-day entrance fee: 110 CZK/ 90 CZK; family entrance fee (2 adults + 2 children) 310 CZK; children up to 6 years of age free of charge
  • Indoor pool and attractions: Mon – Fri 6:30am - 9pm; Sat – Sun, holidays 9am – 8pm
  • Outdoor pool opening hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 8pm
  • Address: náměstí Generála Píky 42, Plzeň 

Lochotín Swimming Pool

 The swimming pool in Lochotín offers swimming in a 25-metre long pool under the roof and children can jump into a children's pool or to visit a smaller outdoor pool. In the afternoon and in the evening, you can attend group exercising courses. Except for the summer holidays the sauna within the premises can be used. From the city centre of Pilsen, you will arrive to Lochotín in a few minutes by public transport or by car. Parking near the swimming pool is free of charge.

  • All-day entrance fee: 110 CZK/ 90 CZK; family entrance fee (2 adults + 2 children):  310 CZK; children up to 6 years of age free of charge
  • Indoor pool and attractions: Mon – Fri 6am – 10pm; Sat – Sun, holidays 9am – 8pm
  • Outdoor pool opening hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 8pm
  • Address: Sokolovská 64, Plzeň

Bolevecké rybníky

The pond system in Bolevec is an important recreation area in the northern suburb of Pilsen. The biggest one of the system is the Bolevecký Pond or "Bolevák" and it is a very popular place for bathing for its not steep grassy shores and sandy pond bottom as well as beaches.  Directly by the pond there is a car camp-site and numerous opportunities to buy various snacks. On the banks of the pond there is also the Pilsen Yacht Club.

  • Other ponds in Bolevec: Near the great "Bolevák" you will find other parts of the large pond system in Bolevec. Whether you choose Senecký, Šídlovecký or Kamenný Pond, you will enjoy natural bathing with calm water on the outskirts of Pilsen. From one pond to another you can walk, ride a bike or use in-line skates along the cycling paths.

Swimming Area in Hradiště

The swimming area on the banks of the Úhlava River in Hradiště is a great place not only for hot summer days. During the year, there are many cultural events including the summer cinema taking place here. Swimming above the weir is more appropriate for experienced swimmers but for small children there is a large playground. A variety of sports equipment and sun beds can be borrowed at the local pub. This all is available within 20 minutes by car or by public transport from the city centr

Small Lake near Bory Dam

The Škodaland area near the České údolí water reservoir offers a wide range of sporting activities for the whole family. On the bank of the water reservoir a bathing pond was built which is suitable for people with allergies and small children. In the complex, there is a children's playground, a ball games court, a mini-golf area, a skate park and an in-line track. By car or by public transport you can reach the place within 20 minutes from the city centre of Pilsen or by going in the direction of Bory from the D5 motorway.

  • All-day entrance fee to the lake: 25 CZK
  • Opening hours of the area: main season daily 8am – 10pm, outside the main season 10am – 4pm 
  • Opening hours of the lake area: Mon – Fri 11am – 8pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 8pm
  • Address: V Lukách 34, Plzeň

Košutka Lake (Jezírko)

You can enjoy natural swimming near the centre of Pilsen in the small lake located in Košutka. It was created by flooding of a sandstone quarry and from the grassy beach you can enjoy the view of the steep rock towering above the water. The statue of an angel, which for more than 50 years was hiding under the water level, returned to the shore in 2009. There is a children's playground nearby and a restaurant with a small football pitch. 

Swimming Area in Tlučná

The swimming area in Tlučná is located within 30 minutes by car from Pilsen in the direction of Nýřany. Enjoy swimming in a 50-metre long pool, a beach volleyball court, a children's pool with a slide and a children's playground. There is also a restaurant on site.

  • All-day entrance fee: 80 CZK/50 CZK
  • Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (depending on weather conditions) 
  • Address: Školní 637, Tlučná

Swimming Area in Nýřany

Another option to enjoy swimming is to visit the swimming pool in Nýřany. It offers two swimming pools, a beach volleyball court and all facilities necessary including wide range of offered snacks. Enjoy a diving bridge, one big water slide and a small water slide for younger children. There is also a multipurpose sports field for hockey ball and football, which in winter serves as an ice skating rink. Nýřany can be reached by car in half an hour.

  • All-day entrance fee: 50 CZK/30 CZK, children up to 6 years of age 10 CZK, group entrance fee (2 adults and max 2 children) 100 CZK.  
  • Opening hours: 10am – 8pm
  • Address: Na Koupališti 905, Nýřany

Swimming area in Nová Huť

The swimming pool in Nová Huť near Dýšina can be reached by taking the Ejpovice exit from the D5 motorway or in about 30 minutes by car or by public transport from the city centre. The facility offers two swimming pools, snacks and grassy areas for relaxing.

  • Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (during the summer season)

Biotop Kotynka - Dobřany

The natural bathing biotope Kotynka in Ústavní Street in Dobřany is about 30 minutes by car or by train from the city of Pilsen. Kotynka is a natural swimming pool with biologically maintained water purity and therefore it is also suitable for small children and people with allergies. A part of the swimming pool is a children's pool with a slide, in the area you can play beach volleyball, pétanque, table tennis, or just relax under a sun umbrella (can be borrowed). In Dobřany you can park in the Ústavní Street for 5 CZK per hour or directly in the parking lot next to the swimming pool for 30 CZK per day.

Sports and recreational area Kralovice

The fully equipped complex offers a swimming pool in Kralovice. The swimming pool which was built close to the football field offers various activities for both children and adults. Water attractions include, for example, a water spout, a water slide, or a pool for the smallest visitors. When not swimming, you can play beach volleyball or go on in-line skating. You can drive to Kralovice from Pilsen by car in less than an hour, the trip can be combined with a visit to the nearby monastery called Mariánská Týnice.