The Zoological Garden in Pilsen regularly ranks among the ten most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. Visitors are attracted by a great variety of animal species. The zoo is situated near the city centre in an attractive and rather diverse area with water places, arboretums, rocks and it features both outdoor and indoor pavilions which provide home for various animals from different parts of the world. Giraffes, rhinoceros, lions, tigers, bears, penguins, flamingos, kangaroos, zebras, crocodiles but also some typical farm animals in the Lüftnerka farm are the main stars of the zoo in Pilsen.

The newest expositions include the World Underground and the Kingdom of Poison, a pavilion which was opened in 2015 and where you can see the world's most poisonous snakes. The zoo also includes its botanical part with a meditative Japanese garden. It does not matter whether you have just a minute or a few hours. You can spend a whole day here. Especially during the high season and during summer holidays, you can also participate in falconry demonstrations, commented feedings of various animals and introducing of selected animal species.



The zoo offers several options where to eat with your children. Full lunch menu offers the restaurant Kiboko and the farm restaurant Lüftnerka. Both facilities have indoor and outdoor seating. Warm and cold snacks are also available in the main buffet in the tropical pavilion or in the Siberian cabin.

Opening hours

April – October daily
8am – 7pm

November – March daily
9am – 5pm


next to the zoo entrance

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