An adventurous journey to prehistoric times which will be full of fun and knowledge can be taken in the DinoPark. This interesting attraction with moving models of prehistoric animals which make scary sounds is especially suitable for small adventurers from 5 to 12 years of age but also younger children and parents will enjoy their visit. The DinoPark offers entertainment for everyone. Models of various dinosaur species are several metres high and they allow children to admire these giant extinct animals and discover their world that has not existed for millions of years. However, the DinoPark offers other attractions too.

On the paleontological playground children can uncover a skeleton of a dinosaur. There are many other activities for children such as climbing. Thanks to the 3D cinema screening, which is part of the entrance ticket to the DinoPark, you can explore the underwater world of wild Mesozoic seas, where there are plenty of various pitfalls and dangers. It is also possible to explore the exposition Path to History of Earth. The DinoPark in Pilsen is not the only dino-thematic park in the Czech Republic but you will not see the same things anywhere else. The model of a giant Apatosaurus is 23 meters high and a whole kindergarten can fit under him. You will also see one of the best models of Tyrannosaur Rex.


In the DinoPark, DinoGril and DinoCafé provide a place where you can enjoy a snack during your visit. Apart from ice cream, drinks and sweets you can also order something delicious to eat. For example, chicken schnitzels, French fries, hot dogs, fried cheese or corn are available.

Opening hours

From April to October, daily
8am - 6pm


Near the premises

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