Where to find original gifts for (not just) children?

Kids love gifts, and parents love giving them. But maybe you’re tired of the options sold at classic toyshops with plenty of less-than-tasteful toys, and so you’re on the hunt for something original, nice, and non-traditional for your children or grandchildren. Not sure where to start? We can help!

Gifts with a story at the Info Centre

The days when someone would only go to the Info Centre for a map of the city and information are long gone. The modern Visit Pilsen Info Centre on Republic Square and the Main Railway Station offers not only your standard informational services, maps, and more but also an infinite supply of gifts and souvenirs. And these aren’t just any old knick-knacks. Here you can buy your kids original t-shirts, the puppets Spejbel and Hurvínek, postcards, magnets, stickers, bubble wands, and puzzles.

Sustainable toys at Agátin svět

Two mothers run the toyshop Agátin svět after having felt unsatisfied with the options sold by classic stores. They wanted something more, something different, and something more environmentally friendly. And so, now you can buy aesthetic toys with practical designs, made of natural materials, and high production quality from reliable manufacturers and companies at this little shop on Solní Street in the city centre (map). You’ll find more than just toys here but also school supplies, creative kits, and books.

For Legos at MořeLega

Legos aren’t necessarily non-traditional, but this specialised store selling only Legos is definitely worth a visit. Here they quite certainly have the largest selection of Lego building blocks in all of Pilsen. Whether you’re looking for something for small children, older children, or even yourself, you’ll find it here. MořeLega is located in Pilsen at Slovanská Street 66 (map).

Designer pieces at UMU

The UMU design shop at the DEPO2015 complex offers products made by both young and beginning creators. Here you’ll find original jewellery and works of porcelain, glass, and paper. You’ll also find handmade chocolate, interior and clothing accessories, and practical trinkets. And you can even buy nice gifts for larger children here, like jewellery for your little princes. You’ll find the UMU design shop at the DEPO2015 marketplace (map).