Take your children to visit the animals at Farmapark u Toma

Do your children love farmyard animals, or at least they know them from books and the occasional visit to the Lüftnerka Farmhouse at Pilsen Zoo? Would you like to discover with them what life on a farm is like and maybe even feed some of the animals? Then you’re invited to Farmapark u Toma in Ledce, located just outside of Pilsen.

About Farmapark u Toma

Inside the farm park’s 12 total pens, you can watch the sheep and goats, namely Cameroon and Valais Blacknose sheep and Anglo-Nubian and Dutch Dwarf goats, chase one another around. The farm park was also designed as a petting zoo, meaning you can enter most of the pens and meet the animals face to face, pet them, and feed them a treat purchased from the machine near the enclosure.

You’ll also find five ponies at Farmapark u Toma that children can actually ride as well as the llamas Karl and Pepina, pigs, and fallow deer. The Flemish Giants are also popular amongst children. They may be giant but you don’t have to worry about letting your little ones get close to them; these aren’t dangerous creatures, but rather cute little rabbits. During your visit, you’re sure to also run into Polish chickens and Silkies, two beautiful breeds of chickens, as well as the farm park’s most exotic inhabitants, the young porcupines.

You’ll find Farmapark u Toma a mere 4 kilometres north of Pilsen (Display on the map), just below the Krkavec hill. Over 35 heads of livestock live here, including some lesser-known, yet intriguing, animals. The farm park is open daily from 9-17h; you can buy tickets and reserve pony rides on their website.

Farm park events

You can even visit the farm park on the weekends for interesting events. Here you’ll find a magic show for children featuring Czech Slovakia Got Talent star Roman Budil. And typically once per month, a farmers’ and tradesmen’s market is held here for the whole family. Sellers from all over the Pilsen region come to offer their delicacies, including syrup, spices, smoked meats, and baked goods. You’ll also have your choice of home decorations and small gifts to give your loved ones, whether it be a piece of pottery, crotched trinkets, or even clothing.