Experience the interactive exposition Trnka’s Garden 2

Pilsen native, artist, illustrator, author, screenwriter, puppeteer, sculptor, and one of the founders of Czech animated film, Jiří Trnka, is also the creator of the children’s fantasy book The Garden, which appeals to children and adults alike. Five boys open an old, creaky gate and enter a beautiful, mysterious garden, where they meet a stone dwarf, a mischievous tomcat, and a scholarly whale, and uncover various secrets.

The interactive exposition Trnka’s Garden 2 (Trnkova Zahrada 2), with the subheading “The Original Cyberscope”, transforms the original story from the book into a multimedia installation, with the original scene, starting with Jiří Trnka’s illustrations in the form of the magical garden. Once in the 450 m2 garden, which you can visit at DEPO2015, you’ll be transported into the fairy-tale story and meet all of the main characters, who will take you on a journey full of adventure and fun. Children will try to catch the mischievous tomcat on little tricycles, the good-hearted elephants will perform a circus number, the clever whale will make humorous remarks, and even the singing pack of dogs will feature.

Practical information:

  • You can visit the exhibition from 6 May to 31 December.
  • It’s open from Monday to Friday, from 14-18h, and on weekends and state holidays from 10-18h.
  • Admission for adults is 180 CZK; 140 CZK for children 14 and younger, and free of charge for children 3 and younger.
  • The exhibition is ideal for children ages 3 and older, however, younger children will have fun here as well.
  • Tickets can be purchased online HERE, or at the actual exhibition.