8 tips on kid-friendly picnic locations in Pilsen

Enjoy as much of your time in Pilsen as possible in the fresh air, and when the weather’s right, take the whole family for a picnic. Not sure where to go? Then simply choose one of our tips.

Mill race

Without a doubt, one of the most pleasant places to enjoy a sit or even a lay down in the centre of Pilsen is Mill Race (Mlýnská strouha), nicknamed “Pilsen’s Venice” for good reason. This is an absolutely perfect place for a picnic, as you gaze over the romantic pond with its goldfish and your children swing around on the nearby climbing frames. And don’t even worry if you forget your picnic blanket. You can take something to sit on from the convenient Strouha – coffee&wine&spirits café, which also offers seating right by the water.

Šafaříkovy sady park

Šafaříkovy sady park is part of the city’s expansive green belt of gardens that were made to replace the city walls that once encircled the centre. Come and spread your blanket out here and enjoy a perfect day. And if you forget to fill your picnic basket, this park also offers some good eats. The aptly-named Plzeňský skleník (Pilsen Glasshouse) entices visitors with its delicious ice cream, drinks, and coffee. Or you can try the nearby Italian food options. And your children will be delighted to see the statues of Spejbl and Hurvínek, which are easily visible from the lawn.

Božkov Island

Where else should you enjoy a picnic than this oasis, or rather island, of serenity? Božkov Island is a leisure and nature park, designed for rest and relaxation. It’s called an island because the land is separated on the right bank from Božkov by the raceway to the former mill, and cut off on the left by the Úslava River. You’ll find plenty of benches for resting on Božkov Island as well as footpaths, an in-line skating path, exercise machines, and a bike path. You’ll have no trouble tiring yourself out here before enjoying a relaxing picnic.

Borský Park

You’re sure to fall in love with the largest and most-visited park in Pilsen. Located right in the city centre, you can easily get here in just a few minutes by tram. The park is huge with 420,000 m² of space, so feel free to bring the whole family, plus 20 more friends, and enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening. But don’t think all there is to do here is sit on your picnic blanket all day. If you’re in the mood for some sports, then give Frisbee a try. Or you can try some minigolf or play with any of the fun components on the children’s playground. Plus, the famous restaurant Slavia (Slavia Restaurant & Tennis Club) is here, where you can dig into some takeaway on your blanket.

Park Na Homolce

One of the largest Pilsen forest parks stretches over the slopes of the hill with the same name. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest recent attractions was the opening of the local cafe Smetanka, which is one of the top ten businesses in all of the Czech Republic, and the best-rated in the whole region! Not long ago, Smetanka received the “Křišťálový špendlík” (Crystal Pin) award from Google, so you can trust our recommendation. Come and load up your picnic basket right here.

Bolevec and Šídlov Pond

Looking to actually earn your picnic treats? Then take your basket for a longer walk to the Bolevec or Šídlov Pond. Here you can spend the whole day, going for walks, stretching on the outdoor sports elements, reading, sunbathing, and then properly rewarding yourself with something good. If you didn't bring anything with you, don't worry. You’ll find some great options at Point, located right on the beach of the Bolevec Pond, where you can get a full lunch, something sweet, and even something a bit healthier. Wait, you’re already heading there now? We’re not surprised?

Lochotín Park

Did you know that Lochotín Park is the oldest park in Pilsen? Its construction was initiated by Martin Kopecký, Pilsen’s last royal burgomaster, who, together with his friends, founded an ornamental joint-stock company for the construction of a spa complex in Lochotín. We really enjoy Chotkovo sedátko and its small gazebo, which was returned to the park in 2009, as well as the Hermit's Cave in the northern part of the park. In this spacious park that offers so much to both romantics and families with children, there are plenty of trees, greenery, and places to sit comfortably and grab a snack. Or will you order something tasty right from Arthur’s Seat?

Lobezský Park

Lobezský Park was established in 1935 in the area of a former sandstone quarry, the surroundings of which were overgrown and neglected after the mining was done. Until 2015, the park “under Letná” lived a little bit of a life of its own, but then it underwent a total renovation, which earned several architectural awards. Today, Lobezský Park attracts not only romantics and athletes but also families with children and toddlers. If you want to enjoy a moment of peace, you can wander into the Nad tůněmi snack bar or the Dvě buchty cafe, which is located on the nearby Rolnické náměstí.