Trip to Radouš to Radyně Castle

You can make the trip and visit the castle ruins Radyně near Pilsen. Photo: Libor Sváček, archiv

Between Pilsen and Starý Plzenec on the top of the Radyně hill the castle ruins of the same name are situated. The remains of the castle offer a splendid view of the surroundings. While exploring the castle, you can visit the remaining parts of the castle palace and the dungeon. In the castle tower there is an exposition devoted to the history of Radyně castle which was founded by the king Charles IV under the name Karlskrone. Also, you will meet the gloomy Radouš with his donkey ears and many other mysterious beings that inhabit the abandoned castle at night. During the season, interesting events such as the Celtic Day and the Castle Festival take place here. The local tourist centre is opened all year round. From Starý Plzenec you can also go to Kozel Castle. The former hunting lodge is surrounded by a beautiful park which is very attractive for walking when the weather is nice.

  • How to get there: If you go from Pilsen by car head towards Písek / Nepomuk and turn left behind the village Losiná. You should reach the target destination after 15 km in about 15 minutes. If you prefer walking you can start from Černice or following the yellow tourist trail from Starý Plzenec, both villages can be reached easily in several minutes by bus or by train from Pilsen. 
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