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Senioři, žádejte kukátka a řetízky zdarma!

Odbor bezpečnosti a prevence kriminality se zaměřuje i na bezpečnost seniorů. Seniorům žijícím v Plzni poskytuje kukátka a řetízky zdarma.…
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Around the World in One Day

The adventure golf park in Plasy in the north of the Pilsen Region offers the local mini-golf course and a small private zoological garden.

You will feel as Willy Fog when you visit the adventure golf park in Plasy in the north of the Pilsen Region. The local mini-golf course offers experiences from all around the world. One of the holes is located inside an Egyptian pyramid, another one is on a pirate ship, in an Indian settlement, or in the middle of an African safari. You can also go on an adventurous journey to prehistoric times and to other interesting places. In the Fantasy Golf in Plasy there is a small private zoological garden too. There are monkeys, lemurs, naughty suricattas, a variety of parrots, owls and other birds. The zoo is also home for bigger animals and you can admire white lions and tigers which are not easy to find in other zoological gardens. If you go to Plasy, you should not miss the walk around the monumental Baroque monastery.

  • How to get there: The golf complex is located less than 24 kilometres from Pilsen. Leave Pilsen in the direction of Třemošná, Kaznějov and you should arrive to Plasy in 30 minutes.
  • For more information, please visit

In a zoological garden in Plasy you can also see naughty suricattas.


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